Ancillary Services

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is essential for a professional, whether it is a commercial premises, offices, or an industrial site.

Indeed, the windows open outwards and are important in terms of visual for customers; clean windows reflect the concern to give a good image of oneself and inspire more confidence.

The windows are a link between the interior environment and the exterior environment. Exposed to pollution, dust and various types of dirt, your windows need special attention.

ACS is your service provider for washing glass surfaces with the necessary skills to meet everyone’s needs and to provide sound advice.

At ACS, window cleaning is not a service that can be improvised, it is quite simply our job.

We also carry out specific work such as the maintenance of:

– Aluminum fronts

– Allucoban or any other hedging medium

Sanitary cleaning

Entrust us with your end-of-site cleaning and keep your strength for the layout.

Specialized cleaning

Need to clean your windows, carpets, fabric chairs or any other delicate surface to clean? ACS provides you with professional technicians to offer customers flawless results.

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